We convert the agricultural and forestry wastes into
Bio-coal Briquettes and Pellet.

Manufacturing industries increase the heat and carbon dioxide on the earth, Bio-coal Briquettes and Pellets helps to reduce pollution.

We convert the wastes
into sustainable results,

It helps to keep environment fresh and healthy by reducing the level of pollution

Wastages, we use it with the help of briquetting plant and produce the briquettes, which ultimately produce energy.

Welcome to Varadvinayak Industries

VARADVINAYAK INDUSTRIES, is engaged in the business of Bio-coal Briquette and Pellet Manufacturing, based at Nanded, Maharashtra, India.

Mr. Shivam S. Agrawal and
Mr. Rohit R. Waghmare are promoters of the business and doing very excellent services to the related industries.


Our Products

Bio-coal briquettes

Bio-coal briquettes and pellets are made by the agricultural and forestry wastes like Baggasse, Saw dust, Groundnut shells, Grain shells, Soya-bean husk


Bio-coal pellets

Physical compaction of bio-coal into pellets, increases the packing density of the bio-coal. This further reduces the effective logistics costs of the fuel..In addition pelletization improves the mechanical strength which in turn reduces dust.